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Capital Strategies is 100% owned and operated by women of color. Capital Strategies takes pride in its

unwavering mission to keep our clients' safeguarded and compliant. 


With our strong legal and policy experience, we understand the importance of transparency, effective

communication, attention to detail, and confidentiality. In furtherance of that mission, Capital Strategies demonstrates due diligence in performing comprehensive compliance management, monitoring, licensing and strategic operations development. 


Capital Strategies, understands the need for clarity and accuracy. To meet that expectation, we develop a personalized plan tailored to each clients specific needs, through which they are given transparency into our daily tracking and monitoring services. Additionally, with our extensive understanding of federal and state campaign finance, real estate and employment law, we advise our clients of all updates to regulations as they arise.


Through the alleviation of compliance burdens, Capital Strategies is confident in its ability to be a fully integrated resource that gives its clients the freedom to focus on their mission. Our expertise extends far beyond compliance, which allows our team to exceed our clients expectations.

Yladrea Drummond, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer

Yladrea is a native of Houston, Tx. She is an accomplished lawyer, compliance consultant, political strategist and leadership trainer with over 12 years experience. As the founder of Capital Strategies, Yladrea seeks to be a true resource for the under served and alleviate regulatory burdens nationwide. Through her experience working in regulatory compliance, political organizing and training, she has created a system to improve the business practices and ethical qualities for several organizations. 

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Valerie Harris, MPA

Chief Operating Officer

Valerie is a native of New Orleans, La. She has over 10 years of political & public servant experience. Valerie has a Masters in Public Administration through which she has helped a number of non profits in improving there use of resources by streamlining their mission to achieves their annual goals. Valerie has a true desire to help those who are in need and takes pride in the lengths she goes to ensure a path to success for all.

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Amber Norwood, J.D.

Chief Compliance Officer

Amber is a California native. She is an established licensing and compliance executive with over 15 years’ experience, helping professionals in both the cannabis and real estate industry, remain compliant on the local, state and federal level, optimize facility design, standardize operations, and maximize business development. Ms. Norwood’s licensing application expertise is unmatched in the cannabis industry - having won over 67 licenses for clients. Amber works effortlessly to ensure her impact enhances the outcomes for her community and clients. 

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Michael Thompson
2022 Candidate, IL-1

"Working with Capital Strategies has been seamless. They came ready with a comprehensive plan and work diligently to ensure I'm aware of all regulations while monitoring my expenses.”


Rashad Lewis
2020 Candidate, TX-36

“I’m truly grateful to work with Capital Strategies. They stepped right in and re-energized my campaign. Valerie and Yladrea are true professionals and forward thinkers."


Jason Belton
Cofounder, Vision Walkers

“From the start, Capital 

Strategies ensured I had the necessary information during the formation process of my organization. They continue to play a pivotal role in our ongoing compliance needs."


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