Capital Strategies prides itself on its unwavering mission, to financially stabilize the underserved. Through the alleviation of compliance and fundraising burdens, Capital Strategies gives its clientele the freedom to focus on their mission. At Capital Strategies, we make it our priority to provide extensive compliance management, monitoring, and reporting. Additionally, we offer strategic fundraising and financial project management. 

Capital Strategies is 100% owned and operated by women, so naturally, it’s important to the organization to work with those who prioritize themselves as a resource for the underserved and underdogs. Capital Strategies stays true to its mission in working with state and national elections, startup NGOs, as well as NGOs looking to partner with a new compliance company. 

Capital Strategies is here to keep your financials safeguarded and compliant. 

Valerie Harris

Partner & COO

Valerie is a native of New Orleans, La. She has over 10 years of political & public servant experience. Valerie has a Masters in Public Administration through which she has helped a number of non profits in improving there use of resources by streamlining their mission to achieves their annual goals. Valerie has a true desire to help those who are in need and takes pride in the lengths she goes to ensure a path to success for all.

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